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pro high
Sep 14, 2020
Your Face
If you haven't heard of Deathloop, well what the heck! You better check it out. It's been getting rave reviews recently, and could be a contender for game of the year. Every review I've seen so far, was for a 10/10, which you don't see that often these days. I have yet to play it, but I think I'm going to grab it on PC soon.

If you did get it, what are your thoughts on it so far?



pro high
Sep 15, 2020
My Basement
Yeah it's getting some of the best reviews. I don't think we've had a 10/10 game since GTA V or RDR2. Then again I don't recall if RDR2 got a 10/10. I guess it's supposed to be pretty tough, because you have to get so good to chain kills and all that jazz.

I'm going to wait a bit before picking it up, but this game is a definite buy once I can get it. :)